Handed Down from Father to Son Since 1785

It was in 1785 that Thomas RENTZ started his career in the wine industry. He farmed an assortment of vineyards and made his own wine which was destined for family and local consumption and a few local bars.

Through the 19th and 20th century his son Jean-Thomas and his successors, Jean-Ignace and Michel Xavier RENTZ managed to expand this viticultural business despite the ravages caused by wars and Phylloxera.

In 1920 that Edmond RENTZ developed and expanded the size of the vineyards and dedicated his career to promoting Alsace wines. In 1936, he became a pioneer of bottling wine in the area and started to sell his wines commercially. He decided to add a personal touch to his wines by signing each bottle with his name, and in so doing created the brand ‘Edmond RENTZ’.

In 1953 Raymond RENTZ took charge of the Domaine and extended the areas of vineyard into Zellenberg, Riquewihr, Hunawihr, Ribeauvillé and Bergheim. He built a new winery in order to combine their traditional heritage with modern wine making techniques. This enabled him to follow his quest for quality by being able to vinify not only by variety but also by soil type.

Since 1995, Catherine and Patrick RENTZ have taken up the continued quest for quality inherited from their father and have developed a regime of ‘Viticulture Raisonnée’ which shows respect for the soil, the vine and the environment. This is a natural evolution in the search for high quality wines which show both true varietal flavours and express the characteristics of their birthplace in the Domaine Edmond RENTZ.

Domaine Edmond RENTZ
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