PINOT GRIS Les Murets (Copie) (Copie)


Appelation Alsace Contrôlée




Our Pinot Gris is a product of grapes harvested from two plots. It is a medium-dry white wine with a pale-yellow colour. Its nose is fine and delicate with notes of roasted almonds, apricots and honey. On the palate, it is refreshing with a complex and full structure and we find all the aromas as on the nose, notably honey and candied fruits.

CÉPAGE(S) UTILISÉ(S) : Muscat, Pinot Gris, Sylvaner

ALCOOL : 13.5 %


Traditional vinification and cultivation method. The grapes are harvested manually and then progressively pressed in a pneumatic press in order to extract the juice and aromas. The naturally present yeast on the grapes will start the alcoholic fermentation process that will change the grape juice into wine. Temperature controls are conducted throughout the fermentation process in order to guarantee persistence and balance. Two to three months after the fermentation process, the wine is racked in order to start maturing. Before bottling, each vat is filtered in order to guarantee the organic stability and conservation of the wine.

TEMPS DE GARDE : 8 years.

Our Pinot Gris Réserve Particulière can be served as an aperitif with foie gras and starters (mixed salads). It goes well with most dishes, notably fish (in sauce or smoked), white meats, poultry, rotisseries, giblets (liver and kidney), calf sweetbread as well as venison.