They are amongst the best in France! Very delicate and with great aromatic smoothness, they bring forth the different aspects of the fruits that compose them.

The quality of our schnapps, liqueurs and crèmes are intimately linked to the selection of the fruits used and the different preparation phases:

  • The fermentation or maceration process, which is determined by the initial sugar content in the fruits.

Stone fruits, pears and Marc de Gewurztraminer are naturally fermented using yeasts that transform the sugar into alcohol.

The maceration process of raspberries and wild berries is carried out in the schnapps for more than a month to initiate a slight fermentation process and thus, create an infusion.

  • Distillation of the fruits

This is carried out in heated copper stills (one or two passes are necessary). The whole distillation process is centred around the “sélection du cœur de chauffe”, which consists of delicately draw out the essence of the fragrances and flavours.

  • The aging process

An integral part of our know-how, this process is carried out in glass containers or oak barrels in order to bring a dose of smoothness and roundness.